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    • I certainly have no idea why you called me a hypocrite. Evidently, wrote you wrote was not what you meant.

    • "You simply have no understanding what you are talking about."

      Trust me, I do.

      "My comment was regarding........."

      Let me cut you off right there. I'm fully cognizant of what you meant by your original comments. Any comments after the fact, simply put, is CYA.

      When I called you a hypocrite, it had nothing whatsoever to do with your silly facts, evidence or the analysis you say you rely on. You know why I called you a hypocrite. You speak from both sides of your mouth.

      And as far as me knowing what I am and having to live with that fact on a daily basis? I'm proud to say that I'm one of those who's responsible for keeping the Coors Brewing Company in business.......... :-)

      Now kiss your kids goodnight and tell them you love em'......

      Oh, and leave me alone.....

    • You simply have no understanding what you are talking about. You might find a course in reading comprehension worthwhile. My comment was regarding not profiting from a fraud by purchasing a fraudulent company that I know is engaged in a pump and dump scam before the pump to benefit from an increase in stock price when the pump comes and then dump it. The comment did not refer to shorting a fraudulent company because one believed it was worth less than its market cap. That is not being hypocritical. I have consistently backed up my views with facts, evidence and sound analysis. I did not resort to gratuitous name calling without any support when others haven't called me names as a result of frustration because I have no facts, evidence or sound analysis to rely on. I don't need to call you names, you know what you are - you have to live with it on a daily basis.

    • "nice contribution - insulting name calling. Must make you feel very proud."

      No different than your condescending retorts to other posters here. You just feel that if you do it in an intellectual manner you can get away with it.

      Funny how you can spew out your never ending questions, but remain silent when someone like me takes you on the carpet for being a hypocrite........ :-)

    • Makes sense why they call themselves the motley "fools".