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  • iq180plus iq180plus Oct 22, 2010 8:11 PM Flag

    Valueinvestor-re:CAGC warrants. There are stunned out goofs like Edmundoluk who...

    actaully equated the warrant revaluation in CAGC's last quarter to income from operatations. To him they made over $1 last quarter, not the actualy adjusted net income that any investor with more than a grade 9 education would use. This board is full of his ilk, those who were pumping CAGC when it's shareprice was 15 bucks, verses YONG's of 8, when YONG is not only growing signifantly faster than CAGC, but will have a significantly higher EPS than them next year.
    I've never seen anything like these clowns. I have no idea how they stumbled upon a gem like YONG.

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    • Ummm... I don't ever remember anyone pumping CAGC on this board and if I remember correctly Ed was actually short on CAGC and made a lot of money.

      You did get one thing right though, YONG is a gem!

    • I have come to a conclusion that iq in the beginning of your moniker is a shortened and misspelled honorary to a character in a novel by the late and great Robert Heinlein. I mean the character Igli in his novel Glory Road. Igli did manage to do, with some help, an 180, so to speak.

      Sleep well.

      P.S. Guys if have not read Glory Road, consider...