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  • nypd2726 nypd2726 Nov 16, 2010 10:49 AM Flag

    And still no private investor questions fielded yet.....


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    • Hi All,
      I just talked to Athan for about 40 mins about the same issue. I clearly mentioned to him that it was really frustrating to not get any private investors questions on the call...mentioned that it felt like selective filtering ahead of time.

      He had some good suggestions and asked me to list out all my questions to get them answered separately..looks like there were about 120 odd retail investors and it's difficult to figure out who to select on the call.

      Anyway, I have asked about the restricted shares issue (still 499K shares unaccounted for in Form 4's), plans to stop any potential fake sales of plant products (as it's popular now), the Bei3 Da4 Huang1 results (not sure if we can get anything here if it's material non public info), general opinion on the huge share package (as it's almost 20% of their current yearly income), foreign currency adjustment issue (when would it hit and if it impacts the income statement).

      In general, I feel very disappointed and frustrated as most of the questions raised on the call by folks from Roth/Rodman/Hudson/Oppenheimer and other fund managers were plain stupid. They did not even take time to read the entire 10Q..most of it is clearly laid out there..last quarter, our own Ed got to ask very smart questions..

      But I am hoping that we could get some responses via the IR firm..