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  • scb38156405 scb38156405 Dec 16, 2010 8:37 AM Flag

    What happened to ED?

    I think he was from Northern Va area like Arlington. He has not posted in awhile. Did he overserve himself with adult beverages and kick the Coors lite bucket? I wonder if he had a bucket list.

    Nypd will probally be the next one to drop......send me your shares!

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    • Hey dd, my twin grand daughters were born last Feb 5th (a friday)in the HUGE snow dumping we got here in Annapolis. They suffered TTTS which 20 years ago they would have died. My son and daughter-in-law were at CHOP(Childrens Hospital of Philly) not my other favorite stock for 1 day of tests and what had to done to see they were healthy. 130k bill. The decision was to determine when to take them vs. being in there to long. The larger one was 4.1 and the other was 3.2. The larger one 2 days later (Superbowl Sunday) had to be medvaced to Childrens Hosp in DC to have a section of her colon cut out and then reattached. The smaller one failed her hearing test this week and we had tubes inserted yesterday. Everything else seems Ok for now.

      Prayers for you and your crew!

    • He was born weighing 3 lbs 6 oz, so that's a plus. They routinely deal with 2 lb babies. He's got a headband with tubes pointing into his nostrils to help force air and oxygen to his lungs. Other than the elevated blood pressure, there doesn't appear to be any other complications.

    • Correct plarger,
      with most extreme preemie cases some hospitals resort to breathing liquids to protect lungs and help their development. I think Children's Mercy is one of those.

      Note: I am not implying that DD's grandson needs the above. Most likely not.

    • rmurch Dec 16, 2010 11:44 AM Flag

      I often have one or two in the evening, but have gone from Bombay Saphire to Gordons.

    • "Nypd will probally be the next one to drop......send me your shares!"

      Me drop?? Sell my shares?? Surely, you jest. lol

      Just sitting on the sidelines doing Christmas shopping, this and that. Was also wondering where the other regulars are. I'm sure they're alive and well.

      Anyway, if anyone's interested, CCME is up big in pre-market. They just announced a divvy. Nice........