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  • yo_roe yo_roe Apr 6, 2011 6:13 AM Flag

    History of Wu Zishen and YONG (Wing Yip)

    Interesting story of the CEO, company and product, translated version. This excerpt describes the innovative distribution network, where dsitributors can be very successful, I believe this have enabled YONG (Wing Yip) to keep G&A low (Amway), and give distributors incentive to sell and grow the business:

    "Wing Yip dealer has a different name - partners: County-level dealer named \level market management platform.
    traditional \Game maker result is manufacturers, product and distributor are hurt. Do market origin Wuzi Shen, well aware of the difficulties and needs of distributors, so in the design of channels of policy, he sought to change the traditional vendor relationship - \Wing Yip shared by all partners to become the industry forever. Manufacturers change after integration, to allow dealers to make more money, so dealers are willing to invest the money, so distributors take the initiative to promote the product manufacturer. This is Wing Yip's."

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    • Good golly, you might even take up a distributorship for that new lipstick. Negotiate for excluse rights for a year. Think of the potential... "kissability" guaranteed.

    • "Go ahead and claim you made money on loser stocks. You'll probably claim the same thing about YONG some day as well."

      Okay, I made some money playing FEED, made a HUGE amount of money playing CGA (thanks to you) and, as the long timers here know, I've been extremely successful with YONG.

      As for YONG being a loser stock? Well, we disagree big time. As I type, I don't have a position in YONG. However, I certainly intend to keep swinging it at the appropriate time/s.

      "But the fact is that a lot of people on the FEED message board would hate to admit that they wished they had listened to me instead of the likes of you."

      I don't pump stocks.

      BTW, you've been lingering on the FEED message board for at least two years. Why?????? Is FEED your assignment???? :-) :-) :-)
      AgFeed Industries, Inc. (FEED) Short Interest
      AgFeed Industries, Inc.NASDAQ-GS
      Settlement Date Short Interest Avg Daily Share Volume Days To Cover
      3/15/2011 3,071,178 614,662 4.996531
      2/28/2011 3,197,250 781,152 4.092993
      2/15/2011 3,310,538 504,873 6.557170
      1/31/2011 3,595,247 887,256 4.052097
      1/14/2011 3,620,039 962,188 3.762299
      12/31/2010 3,562,660 860,450 4.140461
      12/15/2010 3,773,303 441,032 8.555622
      11/30/2010 4,051,029 495,278 8.179303
      11/15/2010 3,718,083 1,426,485 2.606465
      10/29/2010 3,804,907 600,203 6.339367
      10/15/2010 3,813,194 977,098 3.902571
      9/30/2010 3,993,012 861,136 4.636912
      9/15/2010 4,523,240 655,529 6.900137
      8/31/2010 4,232,806 641,451 6.598799
      8/13/2010 4,155,769 1,847,549 2.249342
      7/30/2010 4,142,859 633,375 6.540926
      7/15/2010 4,642,285 473,236 9.809662
      6/30/2010 5,145,103 840,245 6.123337
      6/15/2010 6,347,490 518,956 12.231268
      5/28/2010 6,651,277 990,987 6.711770
      5/14/2010 7,057,859 1,382,699 5.104407
      4/30/2010 7,335,507 714,787 10.262508
      4/15/2010 7,173,752 1,193,029 6.013058

      Love ya, dow........

    • Go ahead and claim you made money on loser stocks. You'll probably claim the same thing about YONG some day as well. There were many people on the FEED board claiming to buy heavily in the $5's and $6's but also claiming later to be in the black when FEED was in the $2's....LMAO!!!!

      But the fact is that a lot of people on the FEED message board would hate to admit that they wished they had listened to me instead of the likes of you. You joined the chorus of pumpers trying to drown me out. And IMO I see the same thing playing out here.

    • "You remind of those on the FEED message board, such as nypd, who so confidently predicted the demise of the shorts........"

      Unfortunately, 'Mr. Retard's' memory is apparently as bad as his ability to recognize a good trade.

      That said, let me remind him of my past history with FEED......

      I found out about FEED through an unnamed poster. At the time, it was 'the new darling' and was almost daily on the upsurge. I took a few swing positions in this stock and made out, but certainly not enough to brag about. At the time, 'Mr. Retard' was constantly bashing FEED, predicting it's demise and comparing it to a little known stock known as CGA. At the time, CGA had announced an offering and 'Mr. Retard' predicted that CGA would crumble because of that, adding that FEED would similarly fall because/if/when they announced an offering.

      Bottom line? I checked out CGA and gambled by taking a large position in it. I made out huge. As a result, I posted on several occasions to 'Mr. Retard' (on the FEED board) my gratitude for him turning me on to CGA. Thanks to him, I made truly easy money via CGA in a relatively short period of time. And, as I believe he made mention, I was pretty nasty to him. I apologize for that (hee, hee). BTW, after switching over to CGA, I never took a position in FEED again. Oh, and I walked away from FEED a winner. I also eventually walked away from CGA a huge winner.

      One more thing, if it wasn't for all this above, I never would have found out about YONG which, as most of you know, I also made out huge with. So I guess I'll have to thank 'Mr. Retard again. :-)

      If anyone wants to waste their time to see who's telling the truth, feel free to go back a couple of years in time on the FEED board to see my posts to 'Mr. Retard'. The record speaks for itself.

      Nuff said.

    • So are you saying that YONG uses an Amway business model? That should comfort YONG shareholders....LMAO!!!!

      • 2 Replies to dow30kby2012
      • Not Amway. They are using the Avon model, which has been successful for years and is providing millions in developing nations the opertunity to own their own businesses.

      • I am saying that the company places the economic burden - and financial benefit of sales, on distributors. So, it does not need to build a costly and risky infrastructure around their growth model and prospects. Successful distributors make a lot of money, which reduces YONG margins, but enables rapid growth.

        The branding YONG has been successful in establishing has maintained prices in the provinces they operate in, and made YONG an attractive business opportunity for new distributors that take the product to market.

        Amway distributors can make a ton of money, and Amway's fixed cost structure is very low.