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  • yo_roe yo_roe Apr 14, 2011 5:17 PM Flag

    One thing that is make me nervous.

    I agree, stone. Independent respected third-party, take whatever lumps may come out of the process - returns YONG to fair market value. If investors have nothing to fear, and shorts have no seed of doubt to plant, we trade at 12 X earnings.

    Saving face is the reason this won't get done, imo:
    Skeletons in the closet, e.g. some CEO/other self-serving transaction(s) in the past that would not materially impact on financials or business prospects (I'm saying IF).

    If YONG did just announced this, shorts would be climbing over each other to cover - it would demonstrate that YONG is rock-solid clean.

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    • There are a lot of different things the company can do, spend money and gamble on raising share price. The best and surest thing they can do is keep their eye on their business and in time the price will adjust to the correct amount. That is what the market is for, that is why companies go public, to get a accurate price for their company. If they were interested in selling the company now, they would need to get the price up now. Otherwise hold for long term.

      My thinking is, YONG and CGA should merge right now. Both are being squeezed by the shorts and maybe one or the other has skeletons in their closet. A merge would cover more area of China and allow both companies to regroup and get it right. And can you amagine what it would do to the shorts and analysts today.

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