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  • android_stocks android_stocks Apr 27, 2011 4:00 PM Flag

    Looks like a hit piece coming

    Not sure, but the possibility cannot be discounted. Anyone can write a hit piece.

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    • I'm of the mind that it is somewhat likely (>50% probability) that a hit piece is coming. Why? Because I've seen this set up before, with CAGC...where tons of put options were bought 1-3 days ahead of the LM Research "report" back in Feb. The shorts telegraphed their moves.

      Here's the key for tomorrow: watch the put option volume for May. If it's in the range of today or more (> 3000 puts collectively), then the odds of a hit piece are increased.

      If a hit piece is coming, look for it on Friday, where it will be hard for management to respond promptly.

      Keep in mind that YONG management has essentially declared war against the shorts. They told us they would be defending their stock, and when I saw it start to rise after their announcement, I was of the mind that they were in the market buying shares.

      The shorts have big egos. They won't give up so easily, so just be prepared for their counterattack.

      Holding shares, I sincerely hope we'll see YONG head up to $7, as some predict.

    • Looks like rats deserting a sinking ship. May be premature and a foolish move. Hold.

    • May be as simple as profit taking. Two weeks ago YONG was at 4.60. Some hedge funds are perfectly happy making 20 % in two weeks.

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      • No. I think the blowing-up of LFT is have a negative effect on the whole group of stocks again.

        CAAS got whacked from the open, and didn't recovered much - the company did have accounting issues, but a different kind - not exactly "fraud".

        As the volume in LFT picked up again after trying to hold but failed $19-20 level, shorts were pushing their luck again everywhere.

        Time to buy the dips - some nervous longs are still scared. I don't think there was/will be any "Hit piece" for real.