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  • yo_roe yo_roe May 5, 2011 11:01 AM Flag

    Hit Piece (read this).

    That's right. The whole process of targeting Chinese small caps, and profiting from hit pieces has spawned a feeding frenzy of corruption. As the targets expand to include legitimate businesses (if GEO/others invest in DD, they need to report something to get an ROI on their positions), shorts have piled on regardless of the legitimacy of the "hit".

    The frustration of GEO in your post is evident, though:
    "I have pulled the filings. At this point I think the hit piece will have to be creative..."
    "We need the hit piece to happen, then deal with damage control..."
    "we need YONG to pan out..."
    "One more very plausibe scenario is that the SAIC/SAT are correct..."
    "I have been attempting to paint a scenario of how YONG could have fabricated SAT numbers..."

    OMG, they are desparate to report something, but caught between the consequences of reporting baseless lies, and the investment they've made in finding......NOTHING.

    Now, with over 7M shares short, who will be the last to cover if GEO doens't have the "courage" to just make something up, and then wait for it all to hit the fan staring them in the face?