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  • ddolson4664 ddolson4664 May 11, 2011 12:48 PM Flag

    YONG could debunk this SA article

    If YONG wanted to respond to this article, (I think they should) it would be relatively easy for them to list production/inventory/sales for the reported periods.

    If any quarters production exceeded their nameplate capacity, they could explain how they achieved that with additional shifts/overtime or whatever.

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    • why bother? everyone now knows that these are basically fake articles written by moron short sellers. The stock is under pressure because of the uncertainty but nothing has ever been proven. If some butthead from seeking alpha or some other short seller can discover the fraud so easily, then you'd think that the gov't would not have too much trouble either. But nothing has ever come from these accusations. Nothing. Period. It has been going on for a long time now but still nothing. It is hilarious to me. It is a joke. It is a great opportunity to scoop up shares in some of these companies. It is interesting to find that any article written by someone that is neither long nor short says things look good...only these "short seller" articles attack the company. Even a long time gov't investigation has turned up nothing...but somehow these random, anonymous article authors or sources find the info immediately. If it was that obvious, the gov't would have them shutdown in a second.

    • Here's something just posted on SeekingAlpha, by me:

      The question of apparent overproduction was asked and answered at the Q3 2010 conference call, which took place on the 16th of November 2010. According to my notes, the company stated that normal capacity was under normal conditions and shifts, but they could and did add shifts to temporarily increase capacity beyond the rated figure. The company added that this overproduction wasn't sustainable on the long term, hence the need for bringing on the new plant in short order.

      There's such a turnover of investors these days that the collective memory isn't too long, it seems.

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      • Investor, I had listened to that call, as well and remember the comments.

        I also believe that Sam said that the new facility - which was "officially" launched in Q3, was actually producing product in the first half.

        Also, Sam mentioned that the animal capacity (10,00 tons, I beleieve) was converted to plant product production.

        Global, based on what you saw, could that have been possible?

      • How about this for a change? How about anonymous X-man, woman, boy, whatever PROVE they are correct in their doo-doo attack?

        A reputable auditor has verfied YONG's quarterlys, which are fantastic again, again, and again.

        A kid at Colorado State U. and this unknown with zero credentials make their wild accusations, and the burden is targeted to YONG?