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  • tomallencn tomallencn May 25, 2011 6:40 PM Flag

    YONG's Fraud - Numbers just don't add up.

    In this marketing video :

    At 3:35 she claims that 3 bottles of the "special fertilizer"
    which cost 42RMB in total
    Provided a return of 800RMB. That's $123 return USD.

    To put in perspective.
    Corn costs around $7 per bushel. That means $7 for every 14KG of corn.

    That means 246 KG of extra corn compared to soil without fertilizers would have to be made from those 3 tiny bottles, to agree with the woman's statement.

    Rice costs 4 CNY per KG, that would mean an addiational 200KG of rice would have to come from those 3 bottles.

    A bottle of fertilizer a similar size on ebay covers 40L diluted. How is that meant to make 200KG more rice than without these 3 tiny bottles?*F%3F&GUID=cf87b58c12f0a5a9a7964ea6ffef0d5a&clk_rvr_id=235110159448&cguid=fc54f7a012e0a47a24473807fe51f1ae&itemid=320688881335&ff4=274431_274451

    Here the Vice president claims he covers 2% of the Chinese market.

    LIES. The whole marketing video that you'll become rich like a western farmer just screams out at you as fraud. Get rich quick.

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    • Anybody who actually thinks that average Chinese farmers are buying this kind of stuff have obviously never been on a Chinese farm. The whole idea is ridiculous on its face.

      These humate fertilizer scammers are certainly inventive but not very credible for anyone actually involved in Agriculture or with knowledge of China. I can hardly believe the naivete exhibited here.

    • FA isn't exactly inert. It benefits plants through some type of reaction(s), no doubt. It aids in uptake of minerals and increases drought resistance for a couple things. Scientists don't know all the benefits, but farmers have recognized the positive effects of humic/fulvic materials for thousands of years. It makes sense to me. Decomposed organic material is plant food. Coal is about as decomposed as organic matter can get.

    • harry: FA is an inert material and constitutes just 5% of Yongye's plant product, according to Yongye's license. The mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium (the actual nutrients) is available in any rural store for 1/100 the price of Yongye's plant product. There is no doubt: the analysis of Yongye's SEC filings shows that the company and its joint-venture partner could not have produced, and therefore sold, the reported plant product tonnages given the company's stated manufacturing capacity and shipments.

    • It's a Buy pure and simple despite your idiotic bottle analysis.

    • Maybe concentrated isn’t the right word. It’s a purer form of FA along with basic nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, etc. I think it’s a very usable product for small plots. The stuff I use on game food plots comes in the same size little bottles. I don’t think it has FA in it, but as foliage feed it works wonders. easy to apply. the small bottles are very convenient. I don’t see why there’s so many doubters of yongye, just because the company was formed with a reverse merger? If I were splitting off from a parent company and taking the new company public I would do the same thing, avoid most all the rigid SEC crap. that doesn’t mean I’m crooked, it just means I want to get around the hassle.

    • harry: Yongye's plant product is not concentrated - about 70% of its content is pure water. Yongye's product "works well" because about 90% of its content is a regular cheap NPK fertilizer diluted in water. Unfortunately, it is about 100x as expensive as the regular fertilizer found in any rural store. There is no evidence that Yongye is selling any bottles of the plant product. Moreover, the analysis of its SEC filings shows that the company and its joint-venture partner could not have produced, and therefore sold, the reported plant product tonnages given the company's stated manufacturing capacity and shipments.

    • It’s concentrated, idiot. The average size farm in china is 2 acres, about equivalent to a game food plot. Guess what's selling like hotcakes for food plots??? little bottles of fertilizer concentrate applied with a hand sprayer. I use them all the time. They work great.

    • Dumb shorts are correcting themselves ,cant eveb agree ..sad

      Product Functions and Results: Plant Line

      Our plant products are sold by the 20 ml bottle and in cases of 100 bottles each. The average farmer in China has a cultivated land area of 2-4 Mu and this requires about 6-12 bottles of product which is sprayed on every 15 days over a 45 day growing period. If the farmer uses our product correctly, he can decrease the use of fertilizers to normal levels and decrease overall usage of pesticides and herbicides which may reduce their overall input costs. Internal studies show that, depending upon the crop, the farmer will see increases in yields and value in the market place which should increase overall income. Each crop varies in response to the product but farmers will see increases on par with the following results under the proper fertilizer and water conditions:

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      oh a spectrum analyzer...big words...did you just learn that in chemistry. Well Tommy boy just solved everyones problem.

      This stock is clearly a fraud....please keep shorting and please stick around this board. I'm amused! We are ALL amused!! And you are doing more good for the longs and more harm for the shorts by posting your nonsense. Like I said...PLEASE short and stay!

    • I own Jan 12 $4 and $5 puts.

      You don't even try to explain how this isn't a fraud. All it takes is one chemist to do a IR spectra or NMR on this product and then this stock is proven as a fraud.

      It's a matter of time before someone finds this out.

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