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  • feverng feverng Dec 22, 2011 12:28 PM Flag

    SAIC matched SAT matched SEC.

    We recently initiated our Stage 1 due diligence process on the company, which involves pulling the SAIC filings. To our surprise, for 2008 and 2009, SAIC matched SAT matched SEC.
    GeoInvesting followers may have noticed that we have recently issued negative pieces on a few stocks; and there will more to come in an effort to purify the space. However, readers need to keep in mind that we are also searching for solid firms that will rise once (if) the ChinaHybrid space regains some of its lost glory."We are cautiously optimistic that YONG can be one of them if on-the-ground DD concurs with our preliminary SAIC/SAT findings."

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    • Yongye's fertilizers fit into China Central Government's goal to develop a more productive and healthier agriculture. It also played an important role in fighting the severe drought during the summer of 2011. The central government's recognition and blessing would put Yongye head of its competitors. Considering the huge market, it won't be surprising to see Yongye developing to be a mid-cap even a large-cap in the not long future. The big-four auditor KPMG is a plus to YONG's development as an publicly traded company.

    • bottomline

      - SAIC matched SAT matched SEC
      - Top 4 auditors
      - Insider buying, MS, set conversion price at 8
      - MS even put a board member on the board
      - updated website/user responses/press releases/national awards from the Chinese government
      - (DON"T FORGET) FREQUENT CCTV media coverage. (CCTV is equivalent of CNN or Fox in China, owned by Chinese government)(Never have I seen any Chinese scam could pull off even ONE CCTV coverage, CCME, RINO, however big they claim, ). If you see the CCTV footage, you see YONG has government support. The company was supported by Chinese government because food production is a prioritized "Chinese gov national goal ". You also see chinese gov official in the footage talking about YONG. That speaks legitimacy

      These are facts,all speak legitimacy .

    • both year ! 2008 and 2009. 3 filing all match!

      keep in mind that 2008 is even before all the concern started about china stock, they have their filing legit.

      what does it mean that it has a top 4 auditor, while doing its filing right before people even ask about these filing?? Look at which other Chinese companies have their SAIC matched SAT matched SEC. Look at why MS put a board member in the company and put the price at 8. If it's only a MS clever strategic play, they won't need to put people on the board, this is long term