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  • doublej7844 doublej7844 Apr 4, 2012 1:35 PM Flag

    richard x roe

    I'm new to this board and have no position in the stock. I've done a few searches of the SEC filings and found considerable mentions of fulvic acid, but no ratios or portions. I would speculate from your consistent question regarding - how much fulvic acid is in YONG's animal product? - that the answer must be me that would be the fraud of a lifetime. With all the hundreds of mentions of fulvic acid on their SEC forms and all the writing of a secret ancient formula, wouldn't it be something if they don't use fulvic acid, maybe they use something cheaper, etc... If that kind of information was true and word got out, that would bring down this company overnight...

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    • eom .

    • double: You should learn how to search better. YONG did disclose in its SEC filings the percentage of fulvic acid in its animal product, and it, obviously, is not zero. The problem is, none of the pumpers here can find it. And that is a problem, because if they knew what it was, they would immediately realize that YONG's 10Ks are completely fraudulent.

      So, here is my suggestion. Contact YONG's IR and just ask them how many tons of fulvic acid in one hundred tons of YONG's animal product. Once you get the answer, we will compare notes and you will immediately see why YONG is a complete fraud.

      Here is one IR person who is dying to get fired, so maybe you should ask him first:

      John Pattison
      F T I Consulting
      86.138.1149.4583 mobile
      86.10.8591.1958 direct
      86.10.8591.1950 fax
      Room 801, Full Tower
      9 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
      Beijing, 100020

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      • rxr - is this what you are referring to?

        20. Considering the market price of humic acid and that there is only 50 grams of humic acid per liter of Shengmingsu, why is the humic acid percentage cost of Shengmingsu so high according to the content data on the Shengmingsu product description?
        Shengmingsu is a high-end crop nutrient. Yongye utilizes high-quality raw materials and a proprietary manufacturing processes to ensure product efficacy. Price quotes of humic acid from small online vendors and pricing ratio of 50g/liter, significantly underestimate the actual cost of humic acid per ton of Shengmingsu for several reasons, a) Yongye only uses top-quality humic acid for the Company’s manufacturing, which incurs higher costs; b) Yongye uses a significant amount of humic acid to extract a small amount of high-grade fulvic acid through proprietary processes; c) the 50g/liter ratio actually applies to Yongye’s high-grade fulvic acid (water soluble humic acid) content for the Shengmingsu product, instead of humic acid; and d) Shengmingsu’s minimum fulvic acid content requirement is 50g/liter, whereas the actual content from our manufacturing process is in almost all cases higher than the minimum amount.

      • How many branded stores does Yongye have? How many?

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