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  • jonathan56602 jonathan56602 Apr 23, 2012 11:09 PM Flag

    More misleading information in the Roe article

    Are you blind man? I am looking at the flowchart right now, and the flowcharts reveal obvious differences in the first few steps of the manufacturing/extraction process for the two products. You won't concede that because it utterly invalidates your entire faulty calculation method. "Neat and devastating" so to speak.

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    • jonathan: Ok, let's look at the chart. Tell me, where does the first difference occur. I see the first difference here: Active and Degrade (crop) vs Activate (animal). Yes or no? Now, what does Degrade mean? In other words, what are the specific materials and manipulations involved in that extra degradation step? What does the patent say?

      For your information, this step is labeled "活 化" in the chart in the crop product patent and "活化" in the chart in the animal product patent. Can you spot the difference?

      I am telling you to get those patents translated before it is too late. Otherwise you just look and sound real stupid.

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