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  • jonathan56602 jonathan56602 May 13, 2012 6:39 PM Flag

    DEFAMATION LAWSUITS...Getting lined up

    White Knight,

    Unfortunately what he is doing is simply a tortious offense in many states. However, there are criminal defamation statutes in some states. Colorado is one of them. (Statutes, § 18-13-105)

    I'll add that if aliens invade the Earth in 20 years, and the stock market is shut down, Ian/Richard will probably say, "I told you the company's delisting was imminent." That's his sleazy game at work.

    BTW: to any new folks on the board. I'm embarrassed to say I used to take this clown Ian/Richard's points somewhat seriously. I've since realized he'll just say whatever nonsensical, slanderous thing he can in order to discredit the company. His brain is like factory of un-researched, slanderous ideas.... and at this point, I'm guessing he's a hired hand... I mean the guy spends his entire miserable life slandering a company. (BTW Ian/Richard: someone like you telling someone else that he "should be ashamed" is comparable to a meth'd-out, morally decrepit used car salesman saying such a thing.)

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    • I should add this point below, to clear things up for new users:

      In fairness, I should say that it is tricky to be certain who Roe actually is. Someone mentioned that the suit against Yongye (which was dismissed before trial) says that one of Roe's articles was in fact authored by Bezek. But keep in mind, it is possible that the attorney/paralegal who wrote the complaint mixed up the two names.... So Bezek and Roe MIGHT NOT be the same person. Without contacting the attorney in the suit, there is no way to tell for sure.

    • jon: Which dictionary (or college textbook) defines imminent as about to happen "in hours, days" as supposed to "in months?"

      Don't be angry! Yongye is a complete fraud that will be halted and delisted - it is imminent and inevitable.