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  • zap_77777 zap_77777 May 17, 2012 5:36 PM Flag

    Unusable Lignite Coal

    RXR says that YONG gets 0.1% fulvic acid from each ton of lignite coal it purchases. anyone seem to remember what mgmt says it does with the 99.9% of unusable lignite must have a significan DISPOSAL cost, or one hell of a big mound outside its facilities.

    if not, then RXR's 0.1% yeild is incorrect, and that makes receiving a truck every 10 seconds incorrect. i for one BS on RXR argument ?

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    • zap: How did you come up with 1 truck every 2 hrs?

    • 1 truck every 2 hrs ..

      you are a fraud..

    • zap: Trucks come in - they carry something and then carry it out. According to Yongye's disclosures, not my disclosures, if those trucks were huge 50-ton tanker trucks, they would be carrying in and out Inner Mongolia lignite coal at the rate of 6 trucks per minute. Do you disagree?

      Yongye does not pay for any coal. Yongye does not need any coal to prepare the fraudulent 10Qs and 10Ks. Nor does Yongye need any ARs - Yongye did steal $150 million from demented morons like you, as I have repeatedly shown you - you can look it up on page F-6 in the 10K.

      Yongye's COO and Director has no "chinesse" or any other type of playboy magazine. He became a Communist after he wrote his book last year, and Communists frown on such magazines.

      Again, Yongye pays for everything with American cash converted into RMB. It got that cash from "Proceeds from preferred shares" and "Proceeds from common stock and warrants issued and warrants exercised" as detailed on page F-6 in the 10K.

      Anyway, glad we agree that it is 6 trucks a minute.

    • jonathan: What, specifically, did you find silly in the 6 coal tanker trucks entering the Wuchuan facility every minute of every working day?

      Raw materials are being indeed shipped in and out of the factory. Here they are:

      Come in white, get out RED!

      Do you recognize YONG's CEO and COO there?

    • john: now, you are on to something here. you have proved again RXR the fraud (i think we all enjoy dancing on his grave at this point). RXR argues that trucks come to yong facilities. he of course is "baiting" us with the # that come in and out.

      the funny thing, how could yong pay for lignite coal purchases, AR does not exist (see page 117 of the COO chinesse playboy magazine). could yong pay its auditors, its employees, rent, insurance, interest on loans...AR does not exist...such a huge fraud...everyone is involved up to the chinesse emperor ....what a joke RXR has become

    • Ian- could please "ID" me to your buddy bonal! He seems to be in the dark, just like you.

    • Exactly: this guy is so silly that he is accidentally reinforcing the validity of the company by asserting how frequent raw materials are being shipped in and out of the factory!

    • Ian- how can there be any coal, coal trucks, or fertilizer when YONG is a complete fraud and doesn't exist? That is what you claim right?

      Why are you asking about coal trucks delivering coal to a company that doesn't exist?

    • zap: How did you come up with 1 truck every 2 hrs?

    • zap: Nope, the trucks enter the facility 100% full and leave the facility 99.9% full shortly thereafter. No big mound needed whatsoever. 6 come in every minute and 6 come out every minute. Like clockwork.

      If we are to believe Yongye's SEC disclosures, that is.