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  • bonalcharles bonalcharles Aug 2, 2012 2:57 PM Flag

    Interesting Order book info:

    Today bid sizes are over 100 shares and are ranging from 3.40 to 3.45 with no orders under 300 shares and asking is from 3.46 to 3.64. I found this interesting because there are no bids under 3.40 and or 100 share blocks. Usually we have seen a more divergence in bids and asking prices over the last couple of months. We also would have seen more 100 share blocks but right at this moment we do not see any. In my opinion this is a good sign in the right direction. It signals someone wants to buy shares near the price range we have established over the last couple of trading days. Is this further evidence of shorts exiting? I believe so.

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    • lidy: Hey, fake illiterate "foreigner," nobody is forcing you to post here! You belief [sic] wrong, but you are right - YONG's is truly an unbelievable opportunity for the shorts who are not lazy!

      Now go learn the definition of "unbelievable," you money-losing moron!

    • Richie, as I said, you need to work on your manners. And regarding my English, for a foreigner I do pretty well.

      I belief we will hit 3.60 today.
      Thanks for the price increase and for making the shorts unbelievable.

    • richie, you changed from well mannered, stupid remarks to rude and stupid remarks.
      How far can you fall??

    • lidy: I do not abuse and mistreat people - I simply put miscreants like you in your right place. And, for the last time, learn a bit of English, you illiterate moron! You need to type "You are really making your professional case HERE," not "her!"

      And, yeah, I know that you believe me! That is why you are so angry and desperate. Don't worry - once YONG is halted and delisted, which is imminent and inevitable, it will be all over.

    • Yes indeed it appears the shorts are exiting. Of course some of those shorts will scream that this is not so. They'll rant like clowns that we should look at other companies that may have something in common with Yongye.... but the bottom line is, these clowns really do not know what they are talking about. Yes, if we get that the good numbers next Thursday morning, we will be doing quite nicely. And even if those numbers should disappoint, because the pps is so overvalued now, the long range outlook for this company is magnificent. Needless to say, I'm Long.