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  • doneatforty doneatforty Dec 11, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Only 45.2 Million Shares were eligible to Vote for the Board and KPMG


    Thunder, As was pointed out by mekong on Dec. 6th - Page 67 of the latest draft proxy, shows the following ownership for "excluded shares":
    555,000 Z Wu
    7,657,704 Full Alliance
    8,999,339 MSPEA
    2,030,000 Prosper Sino
    That's a total of 19,242,043 shares - not 12,370,747. If you add up all of the yes votes cast, the abstains, and no votes you get only 45.2 Million shares. That means 5.5 Million shares changed hands between the record date 10/04 and the vote date 12/01. Those shares were not eligible to vote.

    If we see a similar number of shares not eligible to vote on the buyout that will mean 45.2 Million - 19.2 Million = 26 Million shares will be voting. That means aany combination of 13 Million no votes or non-votes will kill the deal.

    This topic is deleted.