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  • az_tchr az_tchr Dec 13, 2003 7:00 PM Flag

    Dividend- Final comment

    FRO trades in the US as an ADR. Dividends are paid in NORWAY by FRO. The transfer agent in Norway then transfers to the US ADR agent. They in turn notify your broker to credit your account. This USUALLY takes more than one day.

    Think I liked this board better when tanker broker and a few others made intelligent comments rather then the drivel that seems to be posted currently.

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    • It doesn't concern me too much that the monies have still not been credited to my account for this very reason.

      I just find it curious that one of my accounts had the money deposited before 5am the day of the dividend, and I'm still waiting in the other.

      Regarding the "drivel" that's been posted lately, the ignore button goes a long way towards restoring "sanity" to the board.

      Regarding the capture of Saddam, I kind of doubt that FRO will move much on that news. The fundamentals that drive FRO's share price will do more to drive FRO and other tanker shares.

      BTW, according to Galbraith's, Ltd., delays at the Bosphorus are up to 15 to 17 days for tankers bound to and from the Black Sea.

      Also some tanker fixtures are reported for January at WS200+. Good news for the 1st quarter regardless of the outcome of the company restructuring.


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      • Used mine a few minutes ago. I agree using ignore is lots better than raising one's blood pressure.

        Thanks for the info on January charter info. Some commentary that IF the capture of Saddam results in progress in Iraq toward lessening of tensions that the general world economy will pickup and the demand for oil accordingly. While things ok to be improving in the US, the economy in Europe continues to be very weak with oil demand the same. Need the entire world to get perking for demand to rise. Certainly hope that the recent estimates for worldwide oil consumption rising are correct.

        Has anyone done a recent calculation on valuation with the financing package now priced at 8.5%. Seems I remember a valuation of about $25/share a couple of months ago after the splitup into 2 companies. Is that still about right?

    • who gives a fuck what you like limp dick.

    • Got my dividend posted Friday morning at Morgan Stanley. A nice treat of over $20,000. Thank you JF for the great wealth building company you created and continue to reward all those who have invested.

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