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  • vickersviscount vickersviscount Jun 14, 2005 4:26 PM Flag


    what you say is true for most regular companies with a regular dividend, like Chevron or Exxon. . .BUT FRO and other tanker stocks pay a "floating" dividend. . .could be $8, could be nothing. . .it makes it much more difficult to value these companies. . .all one can do is buy at a good price, and hold for a long long time. . .As I mentioned yesterday, I bought late 2003, and dividends have already paid for my original purchase price. . .so everything I get from here is cream.

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    • << one can do is buy at a good price, and hold for a long long time. >>

      You can do that and suffer through the hard times, and I agree that you will probably do okay unless you bought at $63.

      Another method is to watch tanker rates and go in and out of FRO. It is a difficult game but entertaining - and profitable when you get the hang of it.

      FRO traders even have our own technical analysis methods, based on either tanker freight futures on the Imarex or crude oil futures.

      Both methods work a lot better than Vector East, or South or whatever it was.

      We used to discuss these things on this board. Before the flood.

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