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  • tkynut tkynut Nov 4, 2008 9:20 PM Flag

    Cap Gains to 25%..Oh Well

    was at 15%, McCain wanted to go to 7.5, but now we will get it up the yeng yan..Better sell this year if you have some gains..
    IMHO... What do you guys think?

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    • Secular Bull Market, planning for the future, taking care of self and family by working, saving, and long term investing...sounds like you learned a lot from "old white men." Sounds also like you have faith in the system built by "old white men." Apparently you are hoping that the "old white man era," really is not over because after all that system built the wealth you're standing on, and opened the door for the advancement of all who walked through it.

      Next time you see an old white guy, say thank you.

    • If we have Capital Gains we are obliged to pay tax on the full amount. If we have tax loslosses, we can only deduct $3000 of it per year. I don't understand the logic of this disparity in tax treatment. I bet millions have billions in tax losses pent up waiting to deduct in the coming years. Anyone have an idea of why we have this unequal treatment?

    • I'd be happy to pay Higher % Cap Gains now that I will have some gains.

    • It really depends on your income as to the cap gain tax. Most people won't have to worry about cap gains at all, but if you have cap gains and your gross income is under the threshold the cap gains will stay at 15%. Start listening to other stations other than fox.

    • No Super Majority, Thank God! But if they get that abominable plan through, it will hurt younger people more than us old timers. No future for our kids and grandkids or until a new Congress gets in and repeals the stupidity.
      I wonder if Congress will include their own pension plans as well. I'll bet they'll find a way to exclude them. It will be the death of savings.

    • end of the baby boomer era. old white guy generation is over and their retirements get wiped out in the process. voters have spoken and they are young and hopeful.

      if any one is sickened by it then cash in what chips are in the 401k you have been gambl.. ehem... trading away. provide the next generation the opportunity to find value and hold long term positions that will return double digit gains yoy over the next 30 years.

      I've always said short term trading is a suckers game and if they tax that then I'm all for it. if you are exiting a 401k take the 10% hit and convert to a roth ira.

      as for my position in FRO. I'm contained in both iras and 401ks and any dividends are free of capital gains until I cash out and I've got a couple decades to go.

    • Sell longs in 2009 for taxes. Obama won't be ab le to mess with us until 2010 and those taxes will be due in 2011.
      Bottomline: we are all going to get inflation, then his taxes and have a wonderful 4 years infront of us. 2009 will be easy going though unless the depression effects your job.

      Luck to all the investors here.


    • Let it become 25% for short term capital gains , then we all become day traders and make a killing.

    • Wrong. Cap gains goes up ONLY if you make over 250K per year. Otherwise, it stays the same. More repub misinformation.

    • Depends on IF you need the looses to offset the gains you made earlier in the year.

      Taxes should be about 4 or 5 on the criteria list to Sell.IMHO


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