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  • jawahlstr jawahlstr Jun 17, 2010 11:43 AM Flag

    I'm ready for a New President

    This use to be a great board for followers of FRO in its old very high divi days. Now just like the state of the USA its posts are in politics not the stock.
    First, I am out of FRO at my target price which it will hit. I will get back in at the low end of my range.
    Second, I was ready for a new president on Jan ,22 2009. This Chicago thug, has no executive experience and has fooled all you pc out there who thought you had to vote for a black president. Wise up next time, send these USA bashers a message in 2010 and most importantly 2012.

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    • The PC President. I loved how back when the empty suit was sweeping all of the guillable fools out there you'd have people asking you... "Isn't Obama great?"... NO, I'm not voting for him... " why, are you racist?"... The media put so much equity into the PC president to get you JUST to that point. I wonder how many people voted for Obama for fear of being labeled a racist. What a shame. They'd write stories about some crazy neo nazi that said racist stuff about Obama... These stories were designed to turn the average person off so that they WOULD vote for Obama. It was an old tactic by the liberal media.

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      • Obama is ruining the chances of any good black politician to get elected. He has ruined them for years on end and that is a shame because there are a lot of folks out there that would have been bettere qualified to be president than Obama. There is a good guy in GA for example. He is a heck of a good speaker and leader.

        Because Obama has no leadership qualities he will go down in history as getting elected only because of his color not because of his experience. That is not the way to elect any president.

        He sure fooled a lot of people but the whole country is hurting because of him.

        Actually, because of his lack of leadership in the oil spill I think he should be IMPEACHED!!! I know and you know that there were things that could have been done in the very beginning and even right now, but he didn't do anything except get a lot of pictures taken. There are 13 countries willing to help us clean it up and he still refuses to do anything. The only thing he does is put BP to the fire. A lot of good that does when oil is hitting our beaches and putting people out of work. Then he cuts off deep water drilling for 6 months. I know that it would be impossible to impeach him, they never did it to Clinton, but Obama has done far worst than Clinton ever did.

        I live in an area that is being affected by the oil spill and people here think he should be impeached for his inactions. I am sure the people in LA are madder than hell and feel the same way. His ratings are down to 42 and still going down. If they ever had an investigation as to what could have been done, he would stand to get impeached.

        Now I know the liberals call everyone that doesn't like Obama a racist, but I guess that is just because they are one and so is Obama. Obama is the one that brings up this racial crap. Remember the beer fiasco. I also do not like the way he talks down our country. We have never ever had a president like him and the sooner he is out of office the better for our whole country. I don't care what color he is. If someone else did and said the things he has said, they need to be out of office.

        He makes Bush look like a saint and Clinton also.

        If Bobby Jindahl ever ran for president, I would vote for him.


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