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  • elstockjock elstockjock Apr 15, 2011 5:48 PM Flag

    Where have all the flowers gone

    I mean Republicans. They blew it with their vote on medicare and medicade and talk on SS.

    They forgot that millions of baby boomers are now on the verge of retiring and anyone that speaks of messing with these items,will be crushed in the next election.

    If they would of attacked military spending and called for a 50% reduction along with tax increases for rich and companies, they might have had an argument that we all need to sacrifice.
    Boomers won't forget!
    AARP will remind them.

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    • wash. better be careful theres a growing underground militia developing in this counntry and iam afraid within the next 10 years this country is gonna be in trouble. my poor grandchildren.

    • Ryan's numbers are totally false based on 3% unemployment.

      He wants to give away Medicare to all 54 and younger to private insurance co. Now how do you think that will work out? Let those under 55 pay for the better and cheaper benifits of those that are on the OLD MEDICARE.

      He also wants to cut the highest tax bracket on the richest Americans from 32% to 25% even while cutting deep into many programs of the Gov that help the old and children of poor and the poor in general. No real cuts to Defense. The biggest single item in the budget.

      Poor old Michael B. she is only Repub who might run that had to vote on this thing but the rest will have to give voice support to it.

      Totally unfair and as usual all shiefted toward the rich. Ahhh one thing you have to give Repubicans they never lose their way on giving to the rich by taking from the poor.
      Wonder who they will take from when all the poor is flat broke with nothing left to taken from them?

      Not you and me right? never? Crap.

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