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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jul 7, 2011 2:29 PM Flag

    Hey Barb how you like Repubs taking money for SS so the rich can keep their tax breaks

    Truely Amazing is how the Repubs in Congress want to do the debt reduction on the backs of the old, middle class and lower classes and let the rich and Corps continue to prosper. Sadly it looks like Obama gutless wonder will cave in once again to the SOB's. Well I can smile some knowning Barb voted to cut her own throat. I hope the take away 10% of what she gets in SS benefits so the rich can live large and fly in their private stockpayer paid for private jets. If folks are going to be stupid enough to elect boot licker for the rich then let them suffer for it. Hell I am for doing away with the do nut and free meds for the old fools screw um. I got my union earned health care programs even though I was not in a union the union lets me be part of their health care deal so I don't need no stinking do nut hold or free meds. After all everything now days should be about ME ME and ME.

    Here is a flash for LD on this board. Get ready to work to age 70 and get less money out of SS. You voted for it so don't cry on my sholders. I hope your non union jobs protects you when you get old since you are too stupid to vote to protect yourselves.

    Nice job Barb you cut your own throat once again. Keep tea parting gal more cuts comming to the old farts to keep the rich happy. Who cares how some old blue hair in Fla lives with the cuts the rich got to keep up with the life style.

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