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  • repubs_r_crooks repubs_r_crooks Oct 23, 2012 4:36 AM Flag

    REPUB philosophy = SOCIALISM among Anglosaxons, but Rape and Kill and Capitalism for others

    Republican Anglosaxons are against health care reform because they cannot tolerate the concept of socialist health care being enjoyed by NON-ANGLOSAXONS.
    In their mind, top-notch medical facilities and medicines should be made available only to White Anglosaxons, and that Non-Anglosaxons can get substandard medical care.
    The concept of socialist health care for all (like Canadian health care) sends shudders down REPUBLICAN ANGLOSAXON spines.

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    • repubs R crooks? Dems are blood suckin parazites. Longhons gonna spear n sear 'em.

    • It is not the socialism idea that they are really against. It is the capitalist idea that it would cost them money to do what socialism says do. The fact is that more White folks are on food stamps than any other race. More white folks get wellfare than any other race and more white folks get medicade than any other race. However these lower white folks do not count with the upper 10% of the only whtie folks that do count. It is really not about race but "COLOR". Money is Green and that is the only color that counts to a real top 10% Republican.

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      • It is much the same as their screaming about Hugo Chavez. He is really harmless for the US, but for some reason, he must be put as a major enemy list. Really. What has Chavez done? He was elected to office several times without voter fraud. He took over in a country where previously, like many of the old South AMerican countries, nearly all the assets were controlled by a handful of hinged families that owned all the natural resources of the countries, acquired by political sleaze, and turned all the profits over to their families and relatives. Same story happened in Nicaragua with Somoza, and Philippines with Marcos. Chavez thought that was wrong. He argued that Venezuela's oil should belong to the Venezuelan population, not Exxon, not politically hinged uber rich families, nor the British. He acquired the oil properties, sold oil and gas, and spent the money making medical facilities, medical clinics, schools, etc., and the vast majority of his population were better off. Is that so evil? They re-elected him. He didn't invade other countries, but he did try and protect himself from the CIA who liked better see him gone and the assets of Venezuela turned over to the world's rich and let the Venezuelans adopt trickle down. He has kept gasoline prices to the lowest in the world for his population. No wonder he gets re-elected, and even his last opponent said he won fair and square in the election.

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