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  • rozaliakott rozaliakott Oct 24, 2012 6:27 AM Flag


    Goerge Boush and Anglosaxon Republicans are dangerous killers, rapists, and genocidists.
    Real American People should FOCK these Anglosaxon Republican jerks.

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    • Your comments are a bit rude. Although I consider today's republicans as expressed by their far right agenda both dangerous and pathetic, it just goes to show you how much a party's ideals can change. They threw out republicans such as Lugar that were reasonable and moderate. Even though they espouse Reagan, he would be considered intolerable if he wanted to compromise or work with others. The same could be said for Dole. Everything has simple solutions to them, but in a country with well over 300 million citizens, nothing is simple. Mr. Romney's attempt to make claims he will balance the budget in a few years with his massive tax cuts somehow offset by spending cuts and closing loopholes in the tax code (which by the way even TODAY, he has not specified any of them), is nothing more than nonsense. It cannot be done. A huge part of the unemployment problem has been govt. jobs lost. Obama doesn't want to talk about it, because then he might be responsible. States and the federal govt. have cut jobs way back. The creation of new jobs has been in the private, not public sector. Republicans should laud that, but they don't. The military/industrial complex owns them lock stock and gun barrel literally. Until we raise taxes a sizeable amount, the deficit will just grow. Anyone telling you anything different is just not telling the truth. Claiming that tax cuts will provide jobs is just poppycock and help tackle the deficit is nonsense, because must times, even if revenue increases due to the tax cuts, the amount of new subsidies for industries to create jobs eats up any benefit. Automation is removing people from the workforce at such a rapid rate, and neither party or third parties can address it. Not a pretty future.

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