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  • lakeed98 lakeed98 Mar 14, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    Looks like a good move

    for the church.As Popes go this one might be the best they have.

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    • Lake a nice comment from you about the catholic church there is hope yet lol.

      Now let me discuss a false hood you are laboring under. You think that as does most that the Pope runs the catholic church. In fact he does in theory and on some items his word is final, but in other area's the pope's decision filter down through a very entrenched and powerful religious system. A cardinal or bishop can "delay, ignore or change" at will many of the Pope ideas and directions.

      You will find in some catholic churches little changed in the last 100 years and latin remains while in other they have followed more closely the directives of the Pope and the council edicts. In matters of doctrine even the Pope rule is not final. Two Popes were going in a direction and person belief in a much more
      "charismatic" church in doctrine and put out several Papel letters to that effect stating their belief's and how they wanted the church to "look" in those areas. For the most part none of those letters are even known about by the masses of catholic believers and few have been put into the "church doctrine at mass or other times"

      A pope does have power to be sure but so do cardinals and bishop's and down to the local church they have more power over the priest than does any pope. A cardinal or bishop can openly disgaree with the Pope or even church stances on matters and still remain in power to control the local believers. The area that you love to talk about the child abuse handling was done on just that level. A bishop or Cardinal decided how a priest was to be dealt with or ingnored or whatever it would not of reached the level of the Pope nor was there much the pope could do with the decision of a Cardinal or Bishop.

      I like you hope this new pope will be a people pope and battle the old power structure of the catholic church but don't fool yourself in thinking he can run things as he pleases. It takes a long time to change things.

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      • Roger,I don't need a lecture about how the Catholic church is run.You don't think the Popes have know about the child abuse,in the church, and haven't help to cover it up?They can read the news.Get your head out of the sand.
        I don't know what Christian church you belong to and it makes no difference.They are all so much alike the difference is miniscule.It's just good that most of them don't force their preachers to be celibate,as it doesn't work.
        Glory be to the magnificent universe we live in and the natural forces that run it.I bet Jesus thought the earth was flat.

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