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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Mar 22, 2013 1:46 PM Flag


    What is a gun bill that allows a 40% loop hole in background checks? Worthless.

    For you Republicans out there how can you be against 100% background checks? Do you want to sell a gun to an illegal alien? A felon? a mental health case nut? If not why not be for something that would provide YOU with a way to check whom you sell your guns too?

    A gun show can easly have such checks at the show that would close down half of the sales now going unchecked. Only a person who does not care WHO they sell a gun too for any purpose would be against checks. If that is wrong then tell me why you are against such a law? Do you support checks at dealers?
    If so what is the difference?

    Spare me the const. defense as we both know the courts have ruled background checks and the type of people prohibited from being able to buy a weapon is legal. So why are you against checks?

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    • California's gun repo dept.

    • Guns don't kill people democrats kill people. Don't believe me check out Detroit.

      • 2 Replies to yomamatucker
      • So yomamatucker you are for child abusers, illegal aliens, murders being able to buy a gun from you or any other good gun nut who don't want to have the ability to do a gun check before you sell your gun? You really want to be able to just sell a gun to anyone who has cash to buy it?

        Somehow I don't think you do. Your politics have put you in a corner where this seems like a demo idea so your against it. I think if you knew someone was a felon or mental case you would refuse to sell that am I wrong? If you would refuse and millions of others like you then why do you not want to support a bill that would give you the ability to require a check be done on your buyer? Why is that a "Liberal" idea. It is an idea that any honest person should support. I doubt that only the worse kind of human being would sell a gun to a mental case or a gang member and I do not think you are that kind of person. Sadly it seems you would rather hate "liberals" and demo than support a bill that you actually agree as a human being. Surely I havent given you too much credit? Surely you are a person that would not sell a gun to a felon, a mental case or an illegal alien? Are you not?
        I have personally bought guns from 31 licened gun dealers who knew they were selling to a convicted felon and the felon told them the guns were going to Mexico to trade for drugs.
        So I know they are people out there 31 out of 33 licened dealers to be exact who Will sell guns to anyone they can get away with. So maybe you are such a person to make money will do this but I just don't want to think you are. Are you?

      • Why Detroit. That right wing conservative supremacist that just blew away the Prison official and a pizza delivery guy looked like a good candidate to head the NRA or Republican party today. He will be sorely missed by yomamatucker.

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