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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 May 8, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

    Sore losser Republican still at it.

    The party of NO you know the one that lost the last two elections. Once again comes with a brillant idea in the right wing nut job house. Repeal obama care. Lol what a bunch of losser. Maybe someone should tell them that old Mitt ran on that idea and he got his tail kicked. But hey the house Republican are a bunch of right wing Southerneers and hillbilly's and Western cowboys that are so out of tune with main stream America that they just keep on recycling their dead ideas to make themselves feel better.

    If they want to really do something on health care and get a few votes from anyone who can read maybe they should come up with the idea of setting a price on what drugs can sell for? That would save a ton of money but of course cost them the bribes they get from the Drug co.'s. They control the house but seem to forget that the Senate and President belong to the other party but hey waste time and money with their phony attempt to repeal health care that was a main point debate in the presidental race. You lost get over it lossers. Want to win? Get some new ideas. Follow your boy from Fla on immegration reform? Follow Christie in working for the people that elect you instead of big Corp money. Ok so old Mitch was a poor boy when he went into the Senate over 40 years ago and now is worth 44 million bucks. He just invested his Gov. salary wisely I guess. But hey he is your #$%$ so you love him.

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    • You do, you really do. No, you don't need another drink...and it's obvious you are soused again this afternoon. Take a good one, then go and sign yourself in for the cure. You'll be allowed visitors and eight weeks of the 'cure' will do wonders for your mind.

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