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  • rogere1066 rogere1066 Jun 16, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    Upcoming First Family Trip To Africa

    Cost : Upwards of $100 million.
    White House says "Great value for the buck".

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    • If it had been the Romneys you wouldn't bat an eyelash. Get lost.

    • Nothing is too good for our Emperor and his family
      Hundreds of U.S. Secret Service agents will be dispatched to secure facilities in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. A Navy aircraft carrier or amphibious ship, with a fully staffed medical trauma center, will be stationed offshore in case of an emergency
      Military cargo planes will airlift in 56 support vehicles, including 14 limousines and three trucks loaded with sheets of bulletproof glass to cover the windows of the hotels where the first family will stay

      The president and first lady had also planned to take a Tanzanian safari as part of the trip, which would have required the president’s special counterassault team to carry sniper rifles with high-caliber rounds that could neutralize cheetahs, lions or other animals
      “What a joke”

      • 1 Reply to goldyhawk
      • Goldy you losser are really sore lossers. Anything to cry about and this is just another of your boo hoo if only our guy had won. GW Bush took 2 trips to Africa in his 8 years you still upset over those trips?

        Lets see since Obama is not liked by Goldy he should stay home and not go anywhere and if he has to go he should take no protection with him as really you love to see him not be president anymore and since you can't vote him out any way will do I guess.

        The so called richest country in the world can't afford for its Leader to leave the country.

        Do you right wingers ever realize how silly you look in all your protesting on every thing Obama does or what you try to make it seem like he does?

        Maybe in 2016 your party can win and then anything and everything it does will be just fine with you.

        Who knows maybe another Middle east war. You want to talk about lives lost in the Iraq screw up and cost or would you rather talk about a trip to Africa. HUMMMMM??

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