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  • lakeed98 lakeed98 Aug 5, 2014 5:53 PM Flag

    Solar ,Wind engery are here to stay and our future.

    Getting off fossil fuels is in the works.
    It will take years but that the direction and it's the correct direction.
    China ,India and most all nations are headed is that direction.
    Get with the future.
    Don't be like the Blacksmith who said Horses are the best way to get from point A to B.

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    • yeah, fart while sunbathing. have a blast dimwhit

    • I am not sure what "engery" is lakeed, but I do agree that solar power as well as fuel cell technology will be strong in the future, but as long as the "big" money is involved in oil/gas, then that is what will control the market for some time. Eventually, of course, they will be relegated to the trash heap of history provided man hasn't destroyed himself first. Fossil fuels will run out..that is a given..Peoples' demands will increase for electricity, so something must produce it. Nuke power is too dangerous, as proper storage of waste was supposed to have been a solved problem by 1960. So much for scientific minds and their predictions. Solar will be a bit funny, because individual houses, all off grid won't let big money utilities control the masses. I agree it is a correct direction, and storage isn't as much of a problem as people think, but utilities don't want to go that direction or eventually they would be forced to lower rates significantly which is an abhorrence to capitalism. Time will tell, but it will be a long uphill grind for the solar industry unless some people like Gates, Buffett, Slim, and a few others of the heavyweights decide to make a go of it on their own, as they have enough money to shake up even the politicians.

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      • keembo, you sound skeptical about "big money" controlling things, and yet you have no problem with big government controlling our society. I believe the "big money" will shift their focus to wherever the market/public wants it to go because people vote with their dollars and that is what drives big money (not vice versa as you describe). On the other hand, big government is uncontrollable once they are given the power. Businesses have no interest in destroying the planet, which is their marketplace, in the way that big government can do via war and weaponry in order to control society.

        I like the idea of each of us being self sufficient and non-dependent on some utility or government to conduct our daily lives. Somehow deriving our sustenance from natural processes and energy instead of manufactured energy and government authority is a wonderful and worthwhile goal to shoot for. More power to the people.

      • Engery is the mis-spelling of the word energy.
        I think you knew that.

    • What's better than Horses to get from point A to B?

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