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  • lakeed98 lakeed98 Aug 14, 2014 8:47 AM Flag

    "We are God's Children.We are doing God's work".

    Adolph Hitler 1939 as the attack of Poland began.
    This was done with the approval of the Catholic Church as the religious war in Europe began.
    Hitler's aim was to improve the human race ,not by a natural process but by the systematic murder of the people he deemed unfit.He did this in the name of GOD.
    BTW:The natural process{evolution} works very well.Over time it has made us stronger and much smarter.

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    • Just a suggestion Lake, but you might want to read up on the relations between the #$%$s and the catholic church.

      To hear YOU tell it, the two were buddy-buddy. The thousands of priests who were imprisoned at Dachau, half of whom were executed, would likely tell a different story. As would Rome which had excommunicated the #$%$ leadership in the early 30s.

      If anything, Hitler was working to de-christianize the areas under #$%$ control Lots of info on this available. A short quote from a wiki "article":

      "He declared that science would destroy the last vestiges of superstition and that, in the long run, Nazism and religion could not co-exist. Germany couldn't tolerate intervention of foreign influences like the Vatican; and priests, he said, were "black bugs" and "abortions in black cassocks" (references are provided in the article).

      Nor was the catholic church supportive of the #$%$ attempt to exterminate the j.e.w.s as your message seems to imply. Certainly that line of your "logic" is inconsistent with the church's provision of fake passports to j.e.w.s so that they could escape the slaughter.

    • Lake so nature does what Hitler was trying to do does it? The natural process your beloved evolution shows no mercy, no compassion, no love, or kindness but has a higher and purer purpose. Just like your hero Hitler the ultimate servant of evolution.

      Your lying attempt to rewrite history and put Hitler as a servant of God is pure fiction on your part. You could of picked a lot of people from history who killed for God (and were wrong) and I would of agreed with you that their motives may of been their incorrect idea of how to serve God but Hitler was not one of them.
      Nor was you buddy Stalin or Mao who I suppose like you were evolutionists and killed millions not for God or evolution but because they were egoist, elitist and above all self centered all characters which the Lord Jesus call us out of and into loving your neighbor as yourself. Had Hitler, Stalin and Mao practiced what Jesus taught then a lot less people would of died and who knows what history would now be in place.

      You are a foolish man who has lost all creditability with your silly attacks on God.

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