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  • lakeed98 lakeed98 Aug 21, 2014 8:24 PM Flag

    Police office had fractured eye socket

    is a big lie told over and over by FOX.
    What he had was slight swelling of the face.
    FOX should be labeled the teabagger lying network .
    Also there are not several versions of what happen, another FOX lie.

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    • How would you know. Were you there? Are you a Doctor?

      The full truth will come out eventually and will be reported by all of the networks.

      • 2 Replies to scs_dan
      • scs the truth has come out that Brown was shot a lot of times. The Police state that Brown was armed with a knife. One has to wonder how much fear a man with a knife in his hand who arm has been shot 4 time. I do not doubt that the cop was scared and he was reacting to fear and adrenal high as that is very common and often a problem with police reaction to an event. I also admit that I do not now how many police was shooting and in the area of the Brown treat. Clearly 4 hits in the right arm may show an attempt to "disarm" the knife or just bad or lucky shooting depending on where they were aiming. The policy for shooting someone who you believe is putting your life in danger is not to shoot the arm to disarm the person but to shot to kill.

        The facts may never come out as you seem to think. I know for a fact that from the medical report if done with any degree of skill you can tell the line of flight of the bullet which should give you the arm position of Brown when he was shot or if all were the same or near the same.

        The cal. of the weapon or the exact weapon can not be determined from a wound that the bullet left the body, however the size of the would and damage done can determine if more than one cal. was involved. You are a big fan of truth and transparency so by now all these facts should be known by the DA office. At some time either they will become public knowledge or an admission of a not so good medical exam will have to be questioned. Having been a cop I know well the reaction to "take care of your own" and in the good old days the silence of the blue shield would indeed protect you from a judgment error which at worse is what happened here. Today however silence and protecting the one always does a lot of damage to the rest of the department. If someone did something wrong or used bad judgment then admit it let the chips fall and try to make changes that will prevent human error from repeating which is very hard

      • This is the fist of your post,and maybe the last,I have read in a long time.
        I guess you are too stupid to know the medical report has been released.
        I also know this is not what a racist would want to hear.
        The full truth will never be reported on FOX,the #$%$ network.

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