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  • Vegas_GrandPa Vegas_GrandPa Aug 5, 2006 4:11 PM Flag

    VG is the dumbest of all time LOL

    Golly KtYde7, your some smart guy. Your the trader of this and last century.

    Now lets' examine your stated calculations...

    20 trading days /month = 240 trading days per year
    You earn 1.5% per day, everyday, day in/ day out
    So 2 years ago you would have had to start with only $596 to build to $310k today.

    WOW. As I said, you da man, you da master...

    You don't pass the smell test.

    Just high school math buddy.

    $596 to $310,000 in 2 years at 1.5% per day return. hahahahahaha

    hg_engineer please check my math, I might be wrong. My response was to KY not Ank. Ank just stuck his nose in.

    My point is KY was dissing me for making 25% in 1 day since it was a small amount of money. I called him a putz. I was being polite. Actually anybody who disses a trader for making 25% in 1 day is a JERK! But I'm more polite than that.