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  • sjalexandertrader sjalexandertrader Nov 29, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    We need a thorough update from Tracy. How will this hurt? How much exposure has the GD Governemt sanction given us.

    How much downward exposure has the GD sanctions given us?? Can't be good. But the stock is strong. Yes, short term it was weak. Rsi just now crossing the even line on the 3 month chart. (Bullish)

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    • Don't underestimate the Obama Administrations hatred of oil leases. Anything Obama can do to hurt the US oil and gas and coal businesses he will do. this is not a good thing and will hurt WTI big time imo.

    • By releasing the info Wednesday just before they closed the office for the weekend and Tracy on his way to Bahrain to race his Ferrari you know the answer. The letter was dated the 19th!!!

      The public gets bought out pretty darn quick. The analysts better start building the 2013 reserve numbers.

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      • Tracy ought to hang it up. The party's over. Sell out, retire on the big mountain of cash and let someone else make decisions.His main goal was to make bucks, and he's done it. He should now just go play with his toys.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • I think it needs to be broken up or sold. They need to incorporate offshore and began to operate like a real company free from Obama and the communist. Enough is enough. How long are these guys going to stick with it. The days of hoping for a favorable election is not the route I'd take. He needs to be pro active. Sell out to the Chinese or Arabs while we can. Obama's power has finally weakened some... but the EPA is the gestapo. They'll continue to run rough shod over these companies forever. Unless a real Conservatives wins in 2016 ... what's the chances of that?? The Washington #$%$ will feel weird when the kids will be forced to take Chinese instead of English. I'll be laughing. They probably want to goose step and speak German. That way their panties will be exposed.

        This company will remain under government pressure forever now. The G men don't take well to a fight from a race car driving playboy. He's having too much GD fun and he's making money. He's the enemy of America according to Obama, if he knows it or not.

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