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  • forty2gallonbarrel forty2gallonbarrel Aug 31, 2007 7:07 PM Flag

    Patience is needed for Vaalco EGY longs

    Yes, and how lucky we have been to have the opportunity to buy this under $4. I've dollar cost averaged down to under $4.90 a share on 21K shares, and I'm pleased. Sure I would have loved to have bought everything at the bottom, but I know of no one who is that good consistently.

    As many others have said, EGY's future stock price is all about reserves. It's a speculative play, but given their large number of development prospects, it's a good bet in my book.

    All that said, I too would like to see a little more hustle from management with the African exploration opportunities.

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    • yes, and how lucky u bagholders would have been to get rid of it at 6-7 $/sh 18months ago....remember?
      Keeps amazing me how people do NOT realize that the only way to make money in this market has been/is to trade. What the heck do I care whether a stock goes higher after I sold it? Only the majors are in an uptrend, and even those stocks are being traded. Wake up people and trade, 10K shares times a 10cents gain on a regular basis is 1000$ per the maths. The professionals do make money. U won't by sitting on a moving target. Better still: Swap your stupid EGY shares for a real stock with low risk like COP and trade the same amount on a daily basis. I was surprised at how simple it was to start making money regularly. imagine that fellow investor holding 21k shares= 80K$ approx. OK, now you use that amount and trade 500shares of COP, keep the other 500 to average down should you be under water, and actually rake in each profit and get back into the game, for a game it is, nothing else. U'll make thousands of $ per month low risk, because COP is on its way to 100/sh, hence in an uptrend.

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