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  • italianex1 italianex1 Aug 5, 2014 8:17 PM Flag

    I'm worried

    about tomorrow.....I really don't want to lose another 3-8%...and to be honest with you all, I have lost ALL confidence in AUDC at present time. There really is no telling how low it could possibly go. Sell and be weak? Or sell and be smart? I'd like to hold but to sit here and watch a constant decline is agonizing as I'm sure most of you who are long can agree. Thoughts?

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    • I bought shares at an average of $6.41 believing the dip on the secondary was overdone and shares were on track for $11 to $14 by year end in a market that probably didn't have another 10% in it for the year. I've also held shares I own back the last two drops below $2. My time horizon on all of the shares is I'm not in a hurry.

      I probably need to rethink my year end price target but I'm waiting for the facts. I still think a worst case buyout price for the company is $500M plus cash. Take 1/3 off that and we're still at $10.

      Why did you buy shares? What is your time horizon?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If I were you, sell half and ride the rest if you still believe in why you invested in the first place. If you feel compelled and the stock goes lower, you can rebuy more shares and reduce your avg purchase price. If it goes higher, you still have half.

      Typically when you have lost faith, it signals a bottom but I dont think we are there as the bullish sentiment is still around when you hear 'load the truck' and 'no brainer' and 'stealing shares'

      good luck

    • i saw that stock going from $8.02 to $1.29
      i had a lot of shares.i did not give up.a lot of stomech aik but it bounced back to $8(and to $9.12)
      i sold at mid $7.looking to get in.if in your situation i would hold .

    • Hold and forget about it unless you are on margin. Should bounce back after the report next qtr.

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