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  • gslovacek gslovacek Jun 5, 2002 7:40 PM Flag


    Saturn are produced in union plants. I see lot's of them on the road... pulled behind tow trucks. God bless those union members.

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    • My neighbor has a Saturn.She has owned it for 2 years now and it has been a good little car.Other than normal maintenance,she has only had to replace one thing,THE ENGINE!!

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      • Dont get me started on Saturns. At 40k miles the timing chian guides disintigrated adn fell into the pan plugging the pump. After many calls to the dealer (who clapped as she purchased the car) and to saturn corp, they decided the best thing to do was nothing. The dealer offered 50 bucks off the cost of an engine rebuild. They said it may have been because of not changing the oil. Being a certified mechanic in just about every area, and knowing how she treated the car and how I took care of it, I know this is BS. I think they are very poorly built and the next car I buy will NOT be a Saturn. Maybe a Nissan.

        Before this we went through 3 alternators (in under the 40k miles) the trim was constantly falling apart, and the suspension would never stay aligned. We were driving home from vacation in the rain and the alternator went out. We drove for an hour on the battery and when we pulled into town we went straight to the dealer. They said the service dept was closed so they couldnt help us. They wouldnt even get us a loaner or rental car. They just said too bad and we had to finish driving home in the rain hoping the car would make it. That is the customer service we got from Saturn.

      • LOL!!!!!!!!! You mean to tell me that she fails to recognize good union craftmanship. Unionize Wal*Mart NOW... hahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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