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  • heerforfun61 heerforfun61 Nov 30, 2005 2:32 PM Flag

    Snerd is not the Devil!


    He is a Jackass though!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • >>>Then you stated today that you could not open my link to WMT vs. TGT!

      Doree had no problems! Now who is full of shit!<<<

      If anybody legitimate (sorry Greedy, txwwmt, Shep, Opal or anybody else who would openly lie for Wal-Mart) claims that they can open the link and read the article as provided on post number 307444, then I'll apologise and even say something nice about both you and Wal-Mart.

      Good luck, Mensa Boy!

    • that your butt will burn in hell, have a nice life!

    • >>>I have no problem pulling it up! Must be the moronic user who can't.<<<

      Mensa Boy here says that the link on post 307444 is in perfect working order. Would somebody else click on the link contained in that post and tell Mensa Boy he is full of s#@t, as usual? Thank you in advance.

    • Hey deadpuppy,

      You put the same quote on your greedyunion profile.


    • <<<No doubt he/she is sitting!>>>

      University study of homophobia:

      A study that appears to reveal a major cause of homophobia was completed at the University of Georgia in 1996. 3 It involved 64 white men, none of whom had engaged in homosexual acts during their lifetime. Their sexual fantasies involved only women. 35 of them were rated homophobic; 29 non-homophobic. For the purpose of this study, "homophobia" was defined as a negative emotional reaction (e.g., fear, anxiety, anger, discomfort) to homosexuality. It was measured by a questionnaire called the Index of Homophobia. Each was shown three types of X rated videotapes: heterosexual, lesbian and gay. A plethysmograph measuring device (affectionately called a "peter meter") measured the circumference of their penis as a gauge of sexual arousal.

      The two groups exhibited similar arousal when they viewed 4 minute samples taken from one heterosexual and one lesbian movie. But they responded differently to the male homosexual clip:
      Degree of Tumescence: Insignificant Moderate Definite
      Homophobic men 20% 26% 54%
      Non-homophobic men 66% 10% 24%

      The researchers concluded that these data are consistent with the belief that most homophobic men have repressed homosexual desires. An alternate, but much less likely, explanation is that the homophobic men's erections were caused by anxiety during the experiment.

      Further research is needed to clarify the results and to answer questions such as whether these results would generalize to homophobic women.

    • intrest? is that like incest? a subject you are probably familiar with?

    • I wouldn't think she would have much intrest in your preverted post?

    • >>>Note the time of release idiot and this is an update! It does don't you feel stupid!<<<

      Great link, heerforfun! Did you take lessons from Opal on how to post a link? I checked your link, and here is the information that it provided in its entirety:

      >>>We're sorry...this story is not available.<<<

      Tell me, which tab am I supposed to hit to try to figure out what the hell your point might be? Doesn't anybody bother to check their links before they post them?

      This is too easy sometimes. The pumpers are fighting a nuclear war armed only with pea shooters.

      Have you sold your WMT position yet, Mensa Boy?

    • He is what he is!

      One day he is posting under a female id and the next he is a male id??

      I wonder if he sits or stands when filling his beer glass??

    • LMAO.

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