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  • toddfinances toddfinances May 14, 2006 11:46 AM Flag

    Jimg sells hate at 5:30 EST

    2:30 am Pacific time.

    Shameful KLAN behavior for an amateur and squiggly line chaser.

    Maybe one of your kids bought you a colorful, pop-up book on investing to teach you the basics for Mother's Day.



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    • CLW...great concept. Complete lack of relative information. How does the pay provide in terms of standard of living ? Is it an improvement over alternative careers available ? What standard of living did these people leave to take this position ?

      How do the dorms compare to the farms they come from for living conditions ?

      Are the employees held against their will ?

      I am very hesitant to project our cultural values into foreign cultures. In the eyes of Muslims, we are infidels because we do not pray three to four times a day.

      If local laws are not broken, then why are we deciding what their values are or should be. While I am against child labor in any form, I hesitate to declare their working conditions as "inhumane". That is a relative term tainted by our very comfortable lives.

      CLW sounds more like a front for domestic union propogandas rather than a genuine humanitarian cause.

      Let's do a little more research. I'll get back with you later.

    • Anyone notice when Todd can't come up with an intelligent response, just about every post, he resorts to juvenile name calling. I ask him two questions and he calls me a KLAN member. Is he saying that only black people shop at WMT? And if you don't agree with him that WMT is a good long term investment you must be a KLAN member? How would he know who shops at WMT since he's never been in one.

      I'll ask the same two questions...

      When was the last time you were in a WMT?

      Have you ever been in a WMT?

      I expect either no response or juvenile name calling.

      • 2 Replies to jimg01523
      • Todd never stated only blacks shop WMT.

        The label of KLAN was attached to the bashers after the nigger, chink, commie, mexicans go home etc etc etc phrases were built into basher messages too numerous to ignore.

        You are the way I see you. If you want to change the way you are perceived, change the way you present yourself.

        Use something besides hate filled rhetoric in your big picture ideas. Use something besides insults and smears in your response to questions or explanation of facts.

        You see, the white hooded KLAN relies on lies and hate to spread their messages. Bashers might not wear hoods, but they use hate and rhetorica and verbal attacks to spread their messages. No difference in the two groups; they each have a selfish agenda based on perceived superiority of purpose.

        I will gladly stop calling you the WMT Bashing KLAN , when the hate messages and the smears go away and you deal with facts in your discussions or responses.

      • it really speaks to his level of maturity doesn't it. He accused me of belonging to the klan and I am Jewish.

        on the up side, in revealing his lack of maturity in practicing this maladaptive behavior, he completely discredits himself in the eyes of any serious investor

    • accountability_and_justice accountability_and_justice May 14, 2006 11:51 AM Flag

      No, it is Wal-Mart that sells hate and misery and you are here ready to support it. Wal-MArt supports third world sweat shops, keeping people on welfare and medicaid and putting people out of work. So what does that make you Todd? Benevolent, hardly.

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