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  • seminole1851 seminole1851 Jun 18, 2008 2:26 PM Flag

    WMT - Can't do without

    Wal Mart provides jobs in areas where ma & pop can't provide for but for their own cousins! Wal Mart allows a family of seven to eat for a week on a whole lot less than a family of four shopping at publix for three days. For all those Wal Mart haters out there you must be of the Clinton or Buffett clan to afford shopping at the elite little stores and paying $5 for gas! Wal Marts are the future. One stop for all I need, at affordable prices to care for my family. Including Gas. The amount of gas WMT is putting out, that alone should send this baby to $61 by Friday. $14 billion worth of building in 2009?? How is that bad news. Can you imagine the trickle down of jobs for our economy - the builders, growers, roofers, employees, etc?? Why are we not rallying to the party! For all the doomseekers, $14 billion should put a damper on your party - for me I say Buy, Buy, Buy!!! Because the word is out and more and more are realizing that you can't do it without Wal Mart!!

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