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  • bagholdersarelosers bagholdersarelosers Jun 18, 2008 5:21 PM Flag


    LIAR. I don't see any proof that w*f didn't cost Americans said amount extra.
    Referencing the known proven liar w*f propaganda board for facts is like believing the devil when he says he is good. LOL

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    • Liar you say....does the link he provided show a significantly different figure at the date/time posted ?

      Otherwise, the reason you cannot see is because your eyes are focused on the wrong issues.

      Only a delusional basher would complain WMT low prices drive small business out of a community then say the savings are imaginary.

      Only a delusional basher would be ignorant about the WMT effect on retailing. Ask WMT competitors.

      Only a delusional basher would deny savings from WTM while screaming and hollering about WMT suppliers offshoring to lower costs.

      So, while 100,000,000 (that is a hundred million by the way) people shop and save at WMT, you are oblivious to the real world around you.

      Typical basher.

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