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  • courage_and_truth courage_and_truth Jun 18, 2008 10:09 PM Flag

    C/T (Clueless Trash), Why do you bother posting stupid drivel?

    Proven wrong, by who and by what ?

    Here are just a few of the lies, fabrications and exaggerations of basherworld which have been exposed numerous times.

    Basherworld claims WMT causes poverty. There is not one shred of evidence WMT causes poverty. There is information which indicates locations with a WMT can have a higher poverty rate, but that does not mean WMT caused the poverty. Basherworld promoted research indicates rural areas, agriculture, minority populations, youthful populations to name a few are five to ten times more impactful than a WMT on economic health of a community.

    Basherworld claims WMT wages are unfair. There are 10-15, could be 20 million people earning less than WMT workers. Ask doree how to access the census data. Those workers in restaurant, services, agriculture and other retailers provide WMT with a steady stream of willing and able applicants. WMT wages are consistent with the needs of the local marketplace.

    Basherworld claims WMT offers no real savings. Then why are competing retailers closing stores whenever WMT opens up nearby ? Why are competing grocers asking for two tiered wages from workers to lower costs ? Why are numerous researchers openly admitting in their critiques of WMT they ignore the economic savings offered by lower prices ?

    Basherworld claim WMT generic drug plan was smoke and mirrors.. Then why did every major drug retailer eventually follow similarly ? How does basherworld explain 70% of generic treatments provided to Americans during 2005/2006 being on the WMT drug plan, impacting hundreds of millions of scrips ?

    Regarding the wage lawsuits, to repeat, one suit 80% of plaintiffs earned the equivalent of two thin dimes a week. Yes, $0.20 per week, or $10 a year. How does that compare to the time wasted by retail employees on unauthorized breaks, chatting it up with friends, coworkers,etc on the floor ?

    So...who is proven right or wrong, over and over again is basherworld who is proven wrong almost every time they open their mouths and distort reality.

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