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  • susiesweatsocks susiesweatsocks Nov 9, 2011 12:15 AM Flag

    walmart is going broke- really

    i pointed out that walmart is accumulating too many bill. somehow to point out balance sheet facts can get your post deleted, as my post on walgreens bill pile issue was deleted. But look at Walmart for godsakes. It has managed to rack up 1 and 1/4 in short and long term debt, which is essentially all due eventually bar bankruptcy. so if yahoo has the balance sheet listed correctly, which it appears, walmart has 8 million liquid cash, and only 5 million in receivables (as almost everybody pays walmart on the spot). so isn't it amazing the world's mamoth goliath retailer has managed to treat it's debt with the frivolity which it treats it price structure. so tell me, how in the hell is walmart going dig out of this huge mess. do you think creditors are going to loan them another nickle. and then what happens when walmart is forced into debtor court by those who want to get paid for the pile (55 billion) in current payable. do you think this 55 billion is really only 30 days old, and that walmart is operating that tight a payables ship. i doubt it highly, because if they were so swift they would have gotten their short term debt down nice and tight like their product prices, and the long term debt too would be nice and tight. remember, when a publicly traded company like gm, eron, etc go under, the stockholders are wiped out 100% in bankruptcy proceedings. watch it. even Ford with its good sales has such huge debt to service that it too teeters on the verge

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    • sorry, that's 8 billion in cash, 5 billion in receivables. the payables is 55 billion as part of the 125 billion total liquid debt. so i suppose they can always sell a boatload of stock to make up for the huge debt load and seeming lack of interest in paying down their bills.

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