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  • larrymountainmankiwihero larrymountainmankiwihero Jan 30, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Gun deaths per capita by state

    The pukes continue to look stupid as they talk about how many murders there are in Chicago and Detroit. They just can't seem to grasp this per capita thingy and how the denser the population, the more crime there is. Notice that the top states in muder per capita are states with some of the most permissive gun laws while the states with the least murders per capita have some of the stricktest gun laws. They're still trying to figure out what the crime rate in and around the University of Alabama's football stadium explodes upward when there's a football game and there's 100,000 people in and around the stadium and then it drops to almost nothing when there's not a football game and there's just a handful of people walking around or working in the stadium. These pukes have to be some of the dumbest clucks on earth.

    Top 5

    #1, Mississippi
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 18.3
    Permissive gun laws: 4th out of 50

    #2, Arizona
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 15
    Permissive gun laws: 1st out of 50

    #3, Alaska
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 17.6
    Permissive gun laws: 11th out of 50

    #4, Arkansas
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 15.1
    Permissive gun laws: 7th out of 50

    #5, Louisiana
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 19.9
    Permissive gun laws: 23rd out of 50

    Bottom 5

    #46, New Jersey
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 5.2
    Permissive gun laws: 49th out of 50

    #47, Connecticut
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 4.3
    Permissive gun laws: 46th out of 50

    #48, Rhode Island
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 3.5
    Permissive gun laws: 42nd out of 50

    #49, Massachusetts
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 3.6
    Permissive gun laws: 48th out of 50

    #50, Hawaii
    Gun deaths per 100,000: 2.8
    Permissive gun laws: 47th out of 50

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