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  • shep21998 shep21998 May 6, 2013 7:24 AM Flag

    Taking a guest to Crystal Bridges today--Thank you Alice

    for giving Northwest Arkansas a wonderful world Class museum of American art. The facility is fantastic. The building is unique to any on earth and the landscaping is wonderful. A traveling exhibit is there now--the Norman Rockwell exhibit. To think that this museum was GIVEN to Northwest Arkansas and is free for all to visit. The traveling exhibits do have a small fee ($10) but the rest is always free. This is one of many things the Waltons have done for the country.

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    • Yeah Alice thanks for throwing away money that should have gone to the associates, not some fascist drunk pig to pretend she's helping the community. And thanks Alice for not degrading Native Americans by putting their beautiful artwork in your bigoted neo- fascist museum.

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    • thank Alice for WHAT....

      running over a nice lady....

      getting stopped for DUI three times....

      denied that she violated any laws as a E.F.Hutton employee....

      building a art museum, hiring 120 people and giving them a $120 million yearly budget while right up the road Wal*Mart cuts healthcare benefits to all their associates.....


      this O'fart wouldn't give that O'bag the time of day....

      she has live her whole life off that Walton name and ain't done sh!! to improve it....

      Dang! she even had to spend millions on buying up tickets to the damn museum in order to make it free for anyone to go there because NOT even a #$%$ hillbilly of the Ozarks thinks much of the asinine biʇch....


      morning Shep....

      Wal*Mart sucks...!!

      Made In America is the only way out of this mess because foreign made put US here.

    • Do they have a DUI exhibit? Alice looking 100 years old with bags under her eyes, screaming, "Do you have any idea who I am?"

    • It's not hard to imagine that legions of Wal-Mart hourly workers might harbor resentment that Sam Walton's daughter has spent the last decade on what The New York Times described as a "spending spree," using what Forbes magazine called her $20.6 billion 'inherited' wealth to procure brightly-painted pieces of canvas.

      Meanwhile the average Wal-Mart worker last year toiled in Action Alley for $11.75 an hour, earning roughly $18,645 per year before taxes, which is just about the current federal poverty level for a single mom with two kids. (Independent studies peg the Wal-Mart average wage below $9 per hour).

      This does not have to be a Hobson's choice for the world's largest retailer: forced to choose between good wages and good art. Wal-Mart workers could have both. In a 2006 study, the Economic Policy Institute concluded that Wal-Mart could give all of its non-supervisory workers a raise of nearly $2,100 per employee (a 13% raise) without raising prices. The same researchers concluded that "Wal-Mart could definitely raise compensation for its workers and still have lower prices than its competitors."

      It's regrettable that Wal-Mart does not exhibit the same passion for American-made products as its Museum does for the acquisition of American-made art. There should be a plaque at the entrance to the Crystal Bridges Museum which reads: "The Walton family wishes to thank the more than 2 million Wal-Mart associates worldwide who have helped to create the enormous wealth that has made the acquisition of this art possible. "

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      • You sound jealous. She is free to spend the money she gets from WMT in anyway she sees fit. She chooses to give the people of Arkansas a wonderful tourist attraction as well as the countless tourists who will visit it for free. This is only one of the many things the Waltons have done for this state. The company gives back in all locations. I love the acres for wildlife that WMT does for the whole country. Walmart is probably the best company to ever go public.

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