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  • cathyrr17 cathyrr17 Jul 9, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

    Mphram the truth be known

    Your parents where probably rescued by a US Navy ship off a sandpan that was a drift at sea and sinking. They where brought to the US and given enough to get on their feet. Until they can stand on their own 2 legs. And now you whine and cry if you give someone a hand up. 4 traits all pukes have in common, selfishness, greed, Love war ,but won't serve.

    Ok mphan have you served your country ?

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    • -Your parents +where+ probably rescued by a US Navy ship off a sandpan that was a drift at sea and sinking.

      Like I wrote, sometimes even I can't believe the stupid





      I write.

      Oh well, I'm catch you guys later, I'm going out to beat some grizzly's off.

    • I couldn't reply to your message earlier today due to the fact that I got something called a job. Yes, I've served in the marines for 2 yrs. As far as my parents are concerned, my father passed away when I was 1 and my mother hated that paper foodstamp booklet. It was embarrassing to a woman that had 3 stores in Vietnam and was well off. My brother, my sisters, and I grew up to work and never have to see those stupid foodstamp booklets again. Now, I got a problem with the ebt. Card. It took away embarrassment of wanting to get off public assistance. My local 7elevan even accepts those ebt cards. Imagine buying a slurpee with welfare money. Is that how the government motivates people? By giving them cards that look like debit or credit cards? That's the problem I got with handouts in this era. So I guess the next thing that will be advertised is "get your iPhone or galaxy phone. We are now accepting ebt". I could see it already

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