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  • shep21998 shep21998 Jul 17, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    I wonder how many veterans were hired today?

    They will make great associates. They already have the discipline built in.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Please explain your military service in detail, Shep-o-crite. Take your time. I know you didn't do anything to help America, but it looks better if you stare at the paper for a long, long, long time.

      Now, let's say you are an eager, 28 year old Welfare Mart Associate Store Manager who would sell their mother to the devil to get ahead. What do you say to this man who has risked his life to better America? You say, "go get them carts, boy, or you is so fired!!! We dun got Mexicans who bag groceries for nothing, boy!!"

      Think about that next Veterans Day, fatso.

    • Don't they first have to apply for work...


      Does Wal*Mart just go out and pluck them off the streets of America like this O'fart plucks a chicken.

      Do you really think one that serves their country (America) is wanting to work for a company that has cut its workers health care benefits over the years, moved their Global Procurement Office to Hong Kong and than to China, made a port deal in Mexico with a billionaire from Hong Kong and stuck a damn art museum in the hills of the Ozarks in front of a bunch of hillbilly's that would rather spend their time mud hogging and shooting a AK-47 at beer cans than take the time to look at pictures of flowers, birds, animals and abstract lines hanging from a wall .....not one of which is a naked girl shucking corn while riding a horsey bareback....

      do you really think a veteran would work at a place that makes NOTHING after putting their life on the line to make sure America doesn't lose all the freedom, liberty and hope it has made over the past 232 years....

      I think not.

    • And they already know how to exist in a gubmint cheese handout environment. It is sickening to hire ex soldiers into Welfare Mart. Once again, you are preying on the vulnerable, but you are running out of people to take advantage of.

      And, you are making me, "made," krakka. You are just about the nastiest person I have ever encountered.

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