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  • nokiaidcc2006 nokiaidcc2006 Jul 30, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    I'd like to see walmart bolt from Washington DC. And pay for shopping buses to DC burbs


    And then I'd like to see Walmart executives buy an ad in a paper, asking them to call and write to their city leaders, demanding that they stop unfairly demanding excessive requests from walmart..
    Hey walmart, why not stop building the walmart stores, and do what the casino's in atlantic city do.
    Offer bus trips to the residents of Washington DC, and offer them vouchers to repay for their bus trip, if they buy a certain amount of stuff from a walmart store. That would also cost DC millions of dollars in sales taxes.
    These people that come up with ideas to punish successful companies are unbelieveable.
    Few leaders of the unemployed complaign about walmart.
    working at walmart shouldnt be a primary job for clerks and shelf stockers.
    it should be for retirees, school kids, people beteeen jobs, and people that have more than one job.
    Please consider paying for busloads of people to shop at walmarts outside of DC.
    They do that for slot players in atlantic city, and they also do it for the outlets in reading.
    Can you imagine how ticked off those city leaders would be ?
    it'd be great.
    for then, they'd be just as mad as you are now.
    and you can tell the publc you did it because of the people in office.
    and you can tell the public that the reason DC has fewer jobs, and less sales tax coming in, is directlty due to their elected officials
    and that you'd be more than happy to operate in the city, if you had responsible elected leaders.
    of course 47% of you don't care what happens, but 53% of you do.

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    • That is a good idea. I think WMT did have buses in Chicago at one time.

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    • this O'fart would like to see an American with balls the size of the Liberty Bell take out a full page Ad in the USA paper on the port in Mexico that Wal*Mart and that billionaire from Hong Kong made a partnership on...

      and include the facts that Wal*Mart has its Global Procurement Office in China and put less than 5% foreign in all their stores there...

      oh! and a picture of those four super cargo ships Wal*Mart had commissioned years ago .....

      and put a copy of the paper at the front step of every damn American consumer that shops at Wal*Mart thinking they are saving money...

      and when this O'fart finds that person with balls that size...

      you can bet you house, job, freedom, liberty and hope the damn AD will appear.

    • Wmt should run out of every town in the USA.

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