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  • bird4nobama bird4nobama Aug 22, 2013 5:18 PM Flag

    I can't wait till Libterds tell their Doc they got Obama Care

    And Doc says you have to go to a State Hospital cuz he don't want to F with the Bull$h1t

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    • I cannot believe that people like you still know so little about the new healthcare law. Each state will have an exchange with various plans you can choose from. You will choose one of them from health insurers like United Health, Blue Cross, Kaiser, Aetna Humana or which ever company you choose that is offering policies in your state. When you go to your doctor you hand them your insurance card from United Health, Blue Cross or whoever you chose. There is no such thing as a policy from the federal government. It will be no different then when you go in now and hand them your insurance card except that people who could not get insurance before will now have it and the doctor would much rather treat someone with insurance then somebody with no insurance. It will even make it a little easier on the doctors because now certain things are required to be covered that were not before and the doctor will not have to fight with the insurance company to get the treatment they think their patient needs. Are you really this uninformed about the health care law or just making things up because you do not like Obama?

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