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  • changingwmt changingwmt Dec 30, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Debunking Wal-Mart’s latest lie

    Debunking Wal-Mart’s latest lie: “Unions paid $50 to anyone who protested”
    The retail giant blatantly distorts a government memo and an LA Times article to smear it own workers.

    In an e-mail sent hours before today’s protests, Wal-Mart charged “Unions Paid $50 to Anyone Who Protested Walmart,” and said that “The LA Times is the latest major publication to report that unions are literally paying people – anyone – to show up at demonstrations for Black Friday.” The e-mail continued, “The NLRB said the practice of giving $50 gift cards to anyone who shows up to a protest is legal. Let’s remember when union-backed demonstrations brag about their numbers, they’re paid to be there.”

    But that isn’t what the NLRB said, or what the LA Times reported.

    According to the NLRB memo, before last year’s Black Friday walkout, “the Union advertised a $50 gift card to the first 700 employees who walked off the job on Black Friday.” The NLRB noted a campaign e-mail which said “Going on strike is never an easy decision. We are all barely getting by as it is…the first 700 Associates who sign up to strike will get a $50 gift card for us to use to buy groceries for our families.” Rejecting a Wal-Mart allegation that the gift cards were illegal, the NLRB associate general counsel concluded that the offer “did not restrain or coerce employees,” but rather represented a “non excessive strike benefit designed to reimburse employees for some of their lost wages if they struck, and was non discriminatory.”

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